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The Bears Den: Thursday May 20th Edition


where ifs and buts are candy and nuts, and it is, in fact, Christmas everyday.

Angelo sees Martz as 'a great teacher' - I'd hope so. You hired him to teach your offense how to score points.

Chicago Bears: Brian Urlacher says he's ready to go - He says it hurts, but he feels good. For what that means. It'll just be nice to see him on the field again. Oh, and he had some thoughts about some stuff...

Brian Urlacher: Sounds off on Gale Sayers' criticism - I immediately request Doc Brown shows up in the Delorean so they can travel through time and settle this on the field.

Ex-Vike Taylor likens Cutler to Favre, Forte to AP - McClure is dominating the links today, but he brought a lot of ferocious stuff. On a side note, is Chester Taylor always prone to this much hyperbole? I can't wait to watch him talk trash in Bears-Vikings week.

Frank here was staring at a white picket fence. Now he's single, he's broke, and has second degree burns all over his body. And I see a spark in his eye that I haven't seen in fifteen years. And it's all because he followed WCG on Twitter.
Ex-Jag Iwuh to workout for Bears - Special Teams. Special Teams. Friendly neighborhood Special Teams. Running fast. hitting hard. Tackling guys, at the twelve. Look out, here comes the Special Teams.

Minicamp preview: Four thoughts before weekend workouts Neil Hayes says some stuff we should look out for. Namely, the quarterback, the star middle linebacker, the new defensive end, and the tight end who can't block.

Minor hip surgery will bench Dolphins' Marshall until training camp - I wonder if this will affect his actual season much. Additionally, would you have been pissed if the Bears had acquired him, and then we found this out?

Former Bills QB Losman signs one-year deal with Seahawks - I have given up on trying to figure out what they're doing in Seattle. I hope it works so the Bears can knock them out of the postseason.

And now you all get to be sad/inspired today: