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The Bears Den: May 24, 2010


...where we wonder what the Bears weakest link will be this year.

From minicamp, it appears that Peppers has been wowing everyone.

Chris Harris feeling right at home in his first camp back with the team.

Pompei takes a look at all the defensive changes from last year.  Good read.

Trent Green might be on the Bears radar, but nothing seems imminent.

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ESPN is not going to do as good of a job as our own MuleTrain; nonetheless, rank 'em here.

More former Bears are giving their opinions on the war of words nonesense.

Another LB who may end up being a STs standout likely to get contract.

Sounds like Olin might be coming back from his surgery much better than before.

Jason McKie the latest former Bear to shout "Who Dat!"

Bears to honor Gaines Adams' memory with decal on helmet this season.