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The Bears Den: May 26, 2010

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...where we want defensive linemen who eat at Taco Town.

"Organized Blog Activity" Seifert's article/project on the Bears defense.

Urlacher and the defense needs to lead charge.

Cutler and Olsen weren't trying to recruit Terrell Owens.

ESPN version, complete with Olsen's Podcast.

Bears Hype Machine continues to push the progression of the WR's.

Tice: J'Marcus Webb needs to understand what it takes to get better.

Follow WCG on Twitter, and then follow these guys.


Lovie Smith and Virginia McCaskey among the many Bears raising cash to fight Cancer.

HOF'er, and former Bear, Stan Jones was a pioneer in strength training.

Mike McCaskey and Ted Phillips speak about NY/NJ Super Bowl and more.

Is the Meadowlands a good site for the Super Bowl?

Fox Sports 7 Points: #2 - With the addition of Chester Taylor, Matt Forte now has incentive to run.

Can the Lions be better than the Bears? If not, who might they best? (two stories)

The Mulletted One... no longer!

Delaying the inevitable - more holds on WIlliams' Wall suspensions.

Madden 2011 PS3 Trailer: Simpler. Quicker. Deeper.

Not a big fan of Lady Gaga, but this kid's got some skill.

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Video of the day: I bet Fridge would eat at Taco Town.