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The Bears Den--May 27th, 2010 Edition


(Listen now!)

Horn a role model in his community - Dude's got the off field stuff down pat. Now can he get on the field?

Bears' Smith appreciates Forte's 'pro' approach - I realize Smith hasn't had the best of luck, what with Cedric Benson and all, but shouldn't you have a pro approach by your third year?

Tice impressed with Bears offensive line -  This one's good. A must-read, I'd say. Tice spells out what he's seeing in long-form interview format.

 Bears' Olsen making his mother proud - Say what you will about his terrible rapping skills, but this guy's an ok football player and raising money for some darn good causes.

 Bears get 'special' reprieve - The special teams doesn't have to worry about the new overtime rules.....yet.  (See what I did there?)

What's that? I thought everyone had heard. WCG + Twitter = Magic Happy Fun Time

Ex-Bears TE Brock signs with Cowboys - Chicago Breaking Sports -  Auf Wiedersehen, guy who would never have seen the field. 

Judge dismisses suit vs. Brady, Bundchen related to '09 incident  - Phew, good to know the golden boy and la superhotra aren't having dudes shoot at other dudes.

I hope we get some of this, too: