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The Bears Den Friday the 28th of May 2010 Edition


Best of luck to the Chicago Blackhawks this weekend. Start bringing a championship to Chicago. Then maybe they'll flow like Willy Wonka's Chocolate River.

Manning honing his skills at strong safety - So, is he banking on Major Wright not being able to cut it? Or something happening with Harris? Because I'd currently see him sitting behind Harris on the depth chart.

Bears' Manning wants strong shot at safety - More on the same topic, but from a non-organizational point of view.

Bears must clear bonus hurdle to wrap up Wright - Clear it up. Get him on track, with no focus but playing safety.

Green picks broadcasting over the Bears - Phew. I wouldn't have wanted to see this. Granted, if he'd actually been playing, I probably would've given up, put my head down at the bar, and sobbed like a man never should.

Follow WCG on Twitter. If everyone did, I wouldn't have to say it.

The Canadian Press: Three months before season, Saints and Vikings engage in trash talk on Twitter - Two things. One, how does Shiancoe plan to target Sharper? That's going to look incredibly deliberate if the tight end is seeking out the safety on plays. Two, who knew Canada had a Press?

Brett Favre to Minnesota fans: 2009 was 'the best season I've ever had' - Hi. I'm Brett Favre.  When I'm not out constantly trying to keep my name in the spotlight of sporting news, I like to take a long continual crap on the fanbase that helped me through my hall of fame career. Sure, I won a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers, but the 2009 season where I choked away the last game of the year (a pretty important one) with an interception, that was definitely the best season I ever had. 

I'll tell you, it's almost enough to make me feel bad for Packers fans. Almost. Imagine if Walter Payton had popped over to the Lions and said "Yeah, man, this is the best I've ever done."

Saints TE Shockey hospitalized after suffering seizure, says he's OK - Say what you will about the guy, but that's scary as hell.

Raiders demand ex-QB Russell pay back $9.5M in advanced money - McDonald's has an opinion too, releasing a statement that says, "The ridiculous demands by the Oakland Raiders Association are unintentionally designed to ruin our 3rd quarter sales projections."

Mark Hamill to Retire Joker Role After Arkham Asylum 2 - This sucks. His Joker was the best Joker of all the Jokers. (No question.)

Here's 9 minutes of Peppers vs. the Vikings. It's quite fun to watch the man work: