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The Bears Den: Cinco de Mayo Edition


...where our world is complete now that ESPN's Power Rankings are back.

Backup QB Hanie talks about his experience in learning Martz's offense.  Do you have faith in Hanie?

Mike Tice excited about the OLineman who chipped his tooth.

Gayle Sayers speaks up about the team that he loves, but his words aren't so kind. 

Looking at a few of the throwback uniforms to be worn this season.

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CFL RB grateful he got a shot with an NFL team; unfortunately, didn't get a contract.

Former Bears QB Tomczak has charges dropped against him.

Neit Hayes takes a look at which rookies might contribute in 2010.

Get on over to Blog Huddle... they typically don't get any play in the comments section, and they have a feature on WCG's interview with Matt Forte.  Flood the comments section WCGers!

ESPN Power Rankings are out!  Oh how we've missed them so...

Jeff Dickerson peeks into his mailbag and answers some Bears questions.  Good stuff. 

Kevin Seifert talks about which position coach in the NFCN will make the biggest impact.