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The Bears Den: May 6, 2010


...where we're wondering if Jeff Dickerson forgot about Al Afalava.

Jerry Angelo talks about the Safety position, the front office, and more with Larry Mayer

Brad BIggs discusses what role Rashied Davis may play in the new Martz offense.

Dan Pompei answers questions from his mailbag, including some about the QB position.

Pompei also suggests that the Bears should keep their former players closer to the team.

Windy City Gridiron is on Twitter!

Jeff Dickerson takes a look at the three most-likely scenarios for our starting Safeties.

Could a rookie form the NFC North (or even better, from the Bears) be the next ROY?

Although a ruling is set to be made today, the Williams Wall Case is likely to continue.

Have you seen who is leading the NFL in jersey sales right now?

Usually, this sort of stuff is made this case, it's real.