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The Bears Den: May 7th Edition


Where Kev thoroughly enjoyed Iron Man 2 last night.

Bears eager to explore Aromashodu's ceiling - I wonder if it's smooth, has a knock-down texture, or stipple. Maybe something cool I've never seen before. Like stalactites. Y'know--Cave stuff.

Chicago Bears: Veteran backup quarterbacks aren't what they seem - They can often be problematic. For example, if they get on the field, there's usually a problem with your starter.

 McCown makes more sense as Jay's backup - If we have a veteran though, Sean Jensen says McCown is the safer bet. Because he's used to taking limited snaps and can run better.

Actually, TEs are welcome in Bears' offense - Tight End Coach Mike DeBord is unable to say anything negative, and says they may just keep them all.

WCG on Twitter is on it like Mr. Belevedere on an Owens family personal struggle. (Yeah, that's right, a Mr. Belevedere reference. Eat it, entire rest of sporting world.)

Hall of Fame LB Taylor arrested, charged with raping 16-year-old girl - This is icky, and I didn't want to post it, but I thought there might be someone who hadn't heard about it yet.

Raiders pull plug on Russell era after three years, release QB - Hahahaha. At least Cedric Benson doesn't look like such a bust now.

Jets QB Sanchez begins running in rehabilitation from knee surgery - He'll be able to play when the Bears see him. Well, take the field. My jury is still out on how good of a player he actually is.

Ravens safety Reed plans to play after hip surgery, advisor says - Dude really likes playing football, apparently.

Vikings among teams facing major stadium issues - Yes, it sucks. And some of the others. Or their team sucks. Either way, as a package, this list is a group of potential problems.

So I found this online. Some reaction to when the Cutler trade happened from Denver fans. I wonder if all of these guys post on another sbn site.  Hmmm.....