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Bears wide receivers dissed again!



The good news is the Chicago Bears weren't ranked last.  There are nine teams YahooSports has ranked worse than the Bears.  Including the 24th ranked Denver Broncos.  Funny how the Bears always seem to one up those Broncos.  (insert rim shot here)

And where exactly did our beloved Bear rank...  you'll see after the jump...  unless of course you already clicked on the YahooSports link above, in which case you'd already know.  Anyway, JUMP!

23. Chicago Bears: There are a lot of guys here who are interesting, from Devin Hester to TE Greg Olsen to Johnny Knox. Too bad none of them is truly accomplished or looks like they ever will be.

Yeah, after his rookie year that Johnny Knox looks like he never will be accomplished.  And useless 3rd year pro Earl Bennett went from 0 catches to 54.  And don't even mention Devin Hester improving his receiving numbers every year he's been receiving.  Have I mentioned Devin Aromashodu and his extrapolated numbers?  What about Juaquin Iglesias and his precise route running now in a Mike Martz offense.  Are you really gonna dis Greg Olsen?  And lets not forget Rashied Davis and his,  um...  I think I went a bit too far there...


If you missed my Superfans post click here for part 1, then follow the link on the bottom of that post for part 2.  Da Bears!