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Expert Projection? Bears Ranked 22nd

Well-known as one of the most respected NFL analysts in the country, Rich Gosselin has projected the 2010 NFC North teams as follows:

4th: Packers

6th: Vikings

22nd: Bears

24th: Lions

As Brad Biggs pointed out today:  "If his forecast holds true, there ought to be significant changes come January at Halas Hall."

A few questions to contemplate here:

- Are the Packers and the Vikes really worthy of their high rankings?

- Are the Packers really going to be better than the Vikes, especially if Favre returns to Minny?

- Are the Bears ranked appropriately?

- Are the Bears really only two places better than the Lions?

- If the Bears teeter around .500 again this year, what sort of changes will be seen at Halas Hall?  WIll it be only in the coaching ranks, or will there be changes in the Front Office?

I'm certain that Rich Gosselin is one of the best in the business, but his 2010 projections don't seem to add up.  What do you think?