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Poll: Who will lead Chicago in receptions?


Much has been made about Mike Martz, the new playbook, and the receiving corps. It's a subject that's been kind of a ‘go to' here on WCG since he was hired. I know I've touched on it my fair share of times, but I try and always bring a different aspect or put a different spin on it so as to keep it as fresh as I can.

As recently as two weeks ago I looked at the two starting receivers (so far) in an X's and O's type post. A while back I looked at the breakdown in terms of receptions for his past offenses. Fellow WCG writers Jacob Hayes put odds on which wide out will break out in 2010, and in a really poignant post, Mike Mueller pointed out how frequent Martz QB's (in Detroit and San Francisco) targeted the slot receivers.

So this week, I'll put it to a poll. Who do you think will lead the Bears in receptions in 2010?

In my opinion it comes down to the top 4 wide receivers as the leading candidates to lead the team in receptions. While I think tight end Greg Olsen will have a prominent place in the offense, I don't think he'll lead them in catches.

In Martz's 10 years calling offensive plays a WR has led them in catches 8 times, with a running back (Marshall Faulk) leading them the other two years. And since I don't see a future Hall of Famer on the roster, and Matt Forte will be splitting time with Chester Taylor, I don't see a back leading the Bears in receptions.

Which leaves the receivers. De facto #1 Devin Hester is a sure bet to move all around the offense, to take advantage of mismatches. Fellow starter Johnny Knox is primed for a solid sophomore campaign. Just for comparisons sake, Torry Holt grabbed 52 balls his rookie year. Knox had 45. Holt jumped to 82 the following year, so is it that out there to think Knox is capable of 70?

Devin "The Extrapolation Sensation" Aromashodu had a great finish to the '09 season, and has at least one source thinking he'll be the go to receiver. All 4 fantasy football experts at Yahoo! Sports is thinking D.A. will be the Bears top receiving threat.

And I don't think you can count out familiar Jay Cutler target Earl Bennett. He had a knack of coming down with the tough catch last year. And even though his practice reps have been limited coming off his surgery, the coaches have already been impressed with his work so far.

An injury could open up an opportunity for Rashied Davis (did I just type that?) or Juaquin Iglesias (who's drawing Moose Muhammad comparisons), but my guess is one of those top four receivers leading the team in catches. But which one...