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The Bears Den: June 16, 2010


Full Disclosure: Dane and Kev totally collaborated on this one. Hence the weird tonal shift.

More information on LB Hillenmeyer's participation on the concussion panel. I don't see why anyone other then Westbrook would ever be on this panel. Oh, probably because he'd forget the meetings.

A great article on the strong bond shared with the team's linebackers.

LBs Briggs and Urlacher motivated by the Blackhawks. Oh my. Can you imagine if they were on skates? People would probably die.

Mushin Muhammad says that Martz can simplify what Turner made complicated. Martz can simplify the fullback dive? But how?

Want to see some photos from minicamp?  Here ya go!

Four score and 11 years ago, the Chicago Bears were founded to make this nation a better place. And now you can follow WCG on Twitter.

Haynesworth to skip minicamp, formally asks for trade - Who do I have to argue with about this one? I don't want him. I don't care if he shoots rainbows out his butt and makes unicorns out of pudding.

 Johnson absent, but ‘not mad’ at Titans - He just wants to stack cash like a pro. I don't blame him.

The Yankees' Long-Forgotten Mascot - Dandy's Story - Here is an excellent extra reason to hate the Yankees.

Being insulted feels good when it comes from John Cleese: