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The Bears Den: June 17, 2010


...where everyone is a superstar during OTAs.

The most recent Q&A with General Manager Jerry Angelo.

Brad Biggs looks at how WR Knox should factor in to new offense.

Biggs also provides some info on/ from TE Manumaleuna.

Martz's offense seems to be catching on with Bears players.

QB Cutler still getting asked about his WRs, and still endorsing them.

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Speaking of Cutler, here's the podcast.

Which Chicago team will be the next Championship winner?

Another story mentioning Johan Asiata running with the 1st team.

Kevin Seifert looks at the RB tandem of Forte and Taylor.

League still looking at 18 game season at some point down the road.

Former Bears WR Bradley still trying to find a home.

Best coach in the history of the NFC South?

Favre still trying to decide if he wants to earn another $13 million.

John Clayton gives his Elite QBs List; mentioned Cutler for the wrong reasons.