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The Bears Den: June 2, 2010


...wishing a certain WCG-staffer a Happy Birthday!

Charles Tillman hosting flag football event, plans on stripping ball from high schoolers.

Red Zone to be part of Soldier Field experience this season.

How to navigate the 30 percent rule, courtesy of J.I. Halsell.

Top-10 Lebron combos; is one of them in Chicago?

Are you following WCG on Twitter?


Some clown thinks he's got the Bears all figures out.

Score one for the good guys... sports blog makes it big time.

OJ Atogwe is a free man.  How long will he be on the market? 

I really couldn't come up with a tagline for this... just, wow.

Here's a good time-waster if you are a nerd like me:  Build your own solar system

And lastly, a very, very special birthday shoutout to HoneyBear.  Thank you for all that you bring to WCG... we hope this is your best year yet!