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The Bears Den: June 21, 2010

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...last week of OTAs!

Second year WR Knox seeing action at the return game.

Jeff Dickerson says that Knox is firmly entrenched as a starter.

Bears nameplate for PS3 controller, if you're into that type of stuff. 

Former Martz QB Smith had some words of wisdom for new Martz QB Cutler.

LB Briggs would welcome a 18 game season because it would mean more money.

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The Commish says that the NFL doesn't need 4 preseason games.

Good read on Bears rookie Moore, why he turned Pro early.

RG Garza continuing to be a reliable player on the Bears OL.

The always thorough Team Report from USA Today.

Ditka.  Superfans.  Awesome.

On the Fringe on good stuff right here.

Former Bears RB Benson got to shove something in someone's face.

Women's tackle football... good read.

One final note:  We try hard here at WCG to be the best Bears website on the internet, and because of our members, we feel like we are.  Despite the ever-changing face of things, through sponsors, megers, etc., the WCG community continues to rise above and beyond when it comes to intelligent football conversation.  Unfortunately, many other websites have a culture that is built on personal attacks, juvenile behavior, and overall asshattery.  WCG will not, however, ever stoop to lower levels of professionalism or conduct.  It's just not who we are.  Help us keep setting the bar as high as we can, and let's keep our focus on intelligent football discussion.  After all, there's not too many other places you go for that these days.  Thanks a bunch.  :)