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Who is your 1st fantasy Bears draft pick?

Every year during fantasy football drafts around the country you'll find people picking with their hearts instead of their heads.  Having a strong fondness or scornful hatred for a team can easily cloud your judgment when picking.  One of the guys in our league is as big a Bears homer as you'll find and he always throws us for a loop come draft day.  In 2007, in the first round he plucked the Bears defense/special teams.  In 2008 his first round selection was tight end Greg Olsen.  Needless to say his teams didn't fare too well.

I'm just as guilty as some.  In my years of playing fantasy football I've only had 1 Packer on my roster and 1 Viking.  I got Ryan Grant as a waiver wire pick up in 2007 and last year the Vikings defense/special teams fell to me and I was inclined to take them.  It turned my stomach to make both picks, but I had to do what I had to do.

For 2010 my best guess is that Jay Cutler would be the top fantasy Bear taken, but with the some scoring systems docking you for interceptions, and some giving points per reception, you never can tell.  With a new and hopefully high scoring offense in place, Chicago may have 3 or 4 receivers over 60 receptions.  Will a healthy Matt Forte be the fantasy stud that so many predicted he'd be last year, or will Chester Taylor take away enough of his touches to make him irrelevant in the early rounds?

So my question to you is two fold; Which Bear do you thing should be the first one taken in your fantasy draft, and in what round would you consider making that pick up?