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The Bears Den: 24th of June 2010 Edition

Where when works sucks, you can remember--the season is less than three months away.

Offense concludes OTAs with a bang - If this headline said "Offense gets progressively worse as practicing goes on", I'd probably just go ahead and quit sports forever.

Chicago Bears: After organized team activities, optimism reigns - Everybody, top to bottom, seems to think they're going to be good. Which, quite frankly, is the only way they should be allowed to feel.

Cutler: A lot to learn in Martz's offense - This one includes bonus pic of him looking manly as he throws a pass.

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Minor ankle injury sidelines Bears safety Harris - He's fine, according to his twitter.  I personally think he's just slacking off because he's doing something important this weekend or something. 

Bruce is the man for Hester's plan - Bruce's Knowledge + Hester's Natural Talent = Unlimited Possibility? Let's certainly hope so.

Angelo: O-line "the biggest question mark" - At least they realize it, though they didn't do much to, y'know, fix it or anything.

Report: Minnesota court denies expedited hearing in Williamses case - They'll play in 2010. Maybe all the legal drama has gotten in their heads, though, and they'll play poorly.

Disgruntled Haynesworth says he'll attend Redskins' training camp - "Fine. I guess I'll go and do what they paid me the money to do."

Patriots to wear Super Bowl XX throwbacks - God, these things are ugly.

You have to indoctrinate the children when they're young, so that they always push the party line: