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The Bears Den: 25th of June, 2010 Edition


Well that's just great. Did you hear that Ed? Bears. Now you're putting the whole station in jeopardy.

Most importantly, from Brad Biggs' twitter
The 1st training camp practice for #Bears at Olivet Nazarene University this summer will kick off 5 weeks from today. Countdown is on.
Peppers even more impressive in person - And he's going to be even more impressive in my Madden '11 season. 


Bears' Cutler no fan of 18-game schedule plan - Understandably so. When you're constantly the target of large men who hate you, I wouldn't be particularly jazzed about that, either.

Bears' Tice upbeat about offensive-line options - Let's hope they bring the ruckus, Wu-Tang Style.

Caleb Hanie is likely to be the Bears' No. 2 quarterback. - Caleb Hanie is likely to remain in the same spot he's been in. It's obviously a hot news Friday.

5 Bears' lessons learned heading to camp - Things that have been learned, things that have been good, things that have been bad. Also, the Bears are very excited.

Ex-Bears CB Walt Harris signs with Ravens - Go him. The Ravens should be tough this year.

Hint of Favre's return? 'I would love to go beat the Saints,' QB says - And I would like to see the Vikings and Favre get beaten in the first game. I say 98% chance of seeing Favre, 50% chance of seeing them get beaten.

Best Rams Team Ever: 1999 - In case you need a reminder of how potent the Martzfense can be.

Hahaha, wacky! Plus, it's funny if you substitute cocaine for coke in your mind: