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Lovie-isms: Coach-speak from the Bears HC

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Pep talks, getting chewed out, hearing the standard clichés, ya know, coach speak.  I know growing up I heard plenty of good ones.  My personal favorite, “Son if you don’t start putting out more effort we’ll be doing a three legged race to the hospital to have my foot removed from your ass!!”  Thanks for the memories Coach!  But we’re Bears fans and lord knows we’ve all heard our share of coach speak during Lovie’s tenure.  It got me to thinking about something I’ll refer to as Lovie-isms.  

We could probably recite several of the classics together.  My favorite “Rex Grossman is our quarterback.”  Sort of stating the obvious for those who were too incredulous to believe that professional evaluators of talent truly had faith that they could turn around a regression of talent, but I digress (Much like Rex did....)  Or the much mocked “We get off the bus running!” (Insert your punch line here) Or one that I’m learning to love “We’re happy with the players/talent we have at (insert position here)”  All delivered with that passion and excitement only Lovie can generate.  I get chills just thinking about it.  

So Bears fans my question has two parts.  First, what’s your favorite Lovie-ism or coach speak and why?  And second, and this is the one I’m really interested in, what will the next new Lovie-ism be?  What will be our next theme/issue?  “Mike Martz is our offensive coordinator.”  Or maybe, “We’re air-Bear baby.”  Naaah, Lovie’d never say baby....  So hit me with your best shot, Bears fans.  Keep your head in the game, eyes on the prize and knock ‘em dead!  Ya know, for the Gipper!