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The Bears Den: Friday June 4th 2010 Edition


Where much like Johnny Moxon, we don't want your life.

Secondary playing well this offseason - Or is the offense playing poorly? Oh dear, please let the secondary be playing well.

Bears tight end Clark not expecting a block party - Terrible headline. Clever, but terrible.

Daily Herald | With Martz now in charge, TE Olsen has no worries - And the Daily Herald arrives with it's one Bears story for the week, about 3 weeks too late for the particular topic.

Stein way is perfect pitch to bring Bears' picks in accord - Agents like him because he is polite, and rarely late. Also, he likes to get things done quickly.  And that's what she said.

Sporting News-Wiltfong, Jr Style. Lester sometimes moonlights for other sites, talking about Bears-type things. While I think that makes him a dirty traitor, you should probably read it cuz it's pretty good or whatever.

No, I like to rock n' roll all night and *part* of every day. I usually have errands... I can only rock from like 1-3. But I can follow WCG on Twitter anytime.

Rosenhaus hopes to strike another deal with Bears - Apparently Drew Rosenhaus didn't get the message that Greg Olsen is soft and there's no use for him in the Bears' new scheme, because he wants to get him all contract-extended and what not.

Atogwe could still land in NFC North - If you had told me last year that the big offseason concern was going to be where a player from the Rams' defense was going, I'd have laughed in your face.

Wayne will skip Colts' mandatory minicamp, wants new contract - This will in no way affect anything. Indianapolis isn't stupid enough to not have him on the field.

Revis skips Jets' OTA in contract dispute; lengthy holdout possible - This is neither shocking nor surprising. Remember how the Bears' holdout player this season was a guy who doesn't even really have a position? At least he wasn't an integral part of the defense.

Momma's in the kitchen cooking Daddy something good, bay-bee!