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The Bears Den: June 9, 2010

Bear_s-den2_medium_medium not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. 

Urlacher speaks to fans on the phone, mentions how Martz is confusing the defense

LB Briggs talks about the Blackhawks and who his favorite player is.  Who's yours?

Bears make room for family-friendly tailgaters who keep there parties alcohol-free.

Jeff Dickerson answers questions from his readers; talks about INTs from Bears QBs.

Did you know that Windy City Gridiron is on Twitter?

Forecasting NFC North injuries... no Bears players made the list.

Is this really the best pizza the NFL could have gone with, or were they just the high-bidders?

Adrian Peterson to miss practice to go to Texas.  Fumbling be damned. 

NFL Rookies are really starting to turn to more serious crimes... who do they think they are?

I dislike Deadspin, but this is a pretty good story about a corked baseball bat.