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The results are in...

Wcg_thumb_notes_medium Monday morning in this post, I asked you to rate your level of optimism regarding the 2010 Chicago Bears season. 

With nearly 800 responses, the results, and what I think they say about Bears fans, are in.

Even as Dane tried to destroy the thread by talking about microwaving hamsters, or some such, we Bears fans are an optimistic bunch, and it shouldn't be any other way.

Why shouldn't we be optimistic? If anything has been proven in the NFL, it's that every season is different, and that anything can happen. Look at the Giants run to the Super Bowl a few years back. Look at the turnaround of the 1-15 Dolphins. Football is the ultimate team sport, and it's full of great opportunities for the teams and players able to step to the next level.

We as fans...we tend to bounce back and forth a lot. Sure, there were some fatalists, saying there was no chance this team could be successful. They may have even been from other sites.

Why not assume the best? What fun is fandom, if you're never happy about it? (As a Cubs fan, I can that team sucks.) But the Bears, that's a whole different story. There is more parity in the NFL than ever before, and there's no reason to think that this team, with this talent, can't be at least top 6 in the NFC, if not top 4.

This team always says it draws from the fans energy, so let's bring them that energy. While I'll never tell you that WCG isn't a place for discussion, we've got a rep from the team hanging out with us here, and let's push some goodwill their way.  Who's with me?