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Keeping up with "Inside Rookie Minicamp" with the Chicago Bears

Wcg_thumb_notes_medium For those of you who skip the Bears Den (shame on you), you didn't know that the Bears launched a webisodes series called "Inside Rookie Minicamp" last week. You should be watching it.

For those of you who did know, there are two episodes up now. I'm going to take a look at them as they come out for you, hit you with some bullet points, and keep you up to speed, but I highly suggest you watch them. It's really interesting to see these guys pulled from the college ranks and pushed here, to a level where they need to prove themselves all over again.

Follow me after the jump, to some helpful embeds of the videos and some corresponding notes.


Part 1:

-The series is shaping up to be a nice look into Halas Hall, and the practices there.

-We'll be following Zeke Markshausen from Northwestern. Since I haven't heard a damn thing about him until just now, I'm going to go out on a limb and say he's a longshot.

-Corey Wootton is a big dude. He was bummed out when he wasn't drafted Friday, but happy it worked out the way it did. The scheme, he thinks, is the best match for him, and he gets to be near his fiance, that sort of thing.

-I really like Lovie Smith's desk.

-J'Marcus Webb is way, way bigger than Joshua Moore, but they both seem pretty stoked to be here.

-Moore's story about the book he wrote in '98 when he was 7 (he wrote about how he's drafted as QB by the Bears and throws a game winning touchdown to beat the Packers), and how his mom pulled it out on draft day, was cute. I also like how the team wants to see it, too. Hopefully they can get some scan up on the site or something.

-Major Wright was very emotional when he was drafted. He got the call from Robin, then talked to Lovie Smith, and then he laid in the road for a little bit.

-"Make us put you on the team. That's what you need to do." Perfect summation of the rookie goal.


Part 2:


-Dan Lefevour is a lifelong Bears fan. His transition is helped by not being too far from home.

-Lovie Smith likes to see the excitement from draftees, and can't wait to call them and tell them, especially when they're longtime fans.

-Love Smith starts up the opening meeting in characteristically Lovie fashion. I had a professor who lectured much the way Lovie speaks in this meeting. I had a hard time not falling asleep in that class.

-Rookie Minicamp is an orientation to all things expected of you as a Bear. The history, the present, and the future.

-I love the fact that the Rookie Locker Room is in the basement. The concept of earning your elevation, while largely symbolic, adds to the tradition. The sense of realization as they walk by and one rookie says "Jay Cutler", you can tell it's sinking in to him that he's currently part of a professional organization.

-Ted Phillips reminds me of the guy who plays Henry Rowengartner's agent/Henry Rowengartner's moms' boyfriend in "Rookie of the Year"

We should get the next few pieces leading up to training camp. We'll be here for you then, too, but what part of the first two segments did you like the best?