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The Bears Den: July 16th, 2010

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What kind of Bear is best?  False.  Chicago Bears

Bears boast talent, depth at tight end - The Chicago Bears continue to like the talent they have at various positions. 

Chicago Bears: Breaking down the Bears wide receiver situation - Here is a Biggs-ian look at the wide receiver group.

Mike & Mike: Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler expects Devin Hester and his receivers to excel under Mike Martz - They all believe in each other, and they're  going to band together and win the big game against the bigger, faster rivals because of their grit and determination.

Cutler high on Martz, Bears' young receivers - So here's another look at Cutler being stoned high on the Bears ball running and catching guys.

Bears add RB Unga - Some more background on the Unga pickup.

Follow WCG on Twitter, or basically be one of those chumps highly respected individuals from the rest of the league. Blogs: Blog Archive Favre’s return seems obvious to everyone - I want him back. The league needs him back. I do not want there to be any avenue for the Vikings to have any excuse as to why they don't perform in 2010. I want them to have all the best players they possibly have, so if when the Bears defeat them, they can tuck their tail between their legs and return home like the Bears did early last year.

Bobby Johnson retires as Vanderbilt's head coach - There appears to be no truth to the rumor I just made up that he did it so he could watch Jay Cutler's rise to superstardom uninterrupted.

Here's a video interview with Dan LeFevour:


And here's a look at Earl Bennett's offseason: