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A Day Which Shall Live in Infamy (At Least with Bears Fans)

Images-3_mediumDuring this time of the year there is unfortunately little to write about and not much happening in the NFL world. We are weeks away from all that changing. But I did a little research and I discovered something astonishing. On this day in football history a horrifying event occurred. Something which would plague Bears fans for many, many years. The results of this event still echoes in Bears fans minds everywhere. But we didn’t know it then. Back then it probably came and went without anyone even giving it a second glance. Even the Chicago media most likely ignored it completely or at best it was a small blurb in some article. Yet what happened 19 years ago today has been the bane of Bears fans' existence for almost two decades.

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Yes. That’s right Bears fans, 19 years ago today Brett Lorenzo Favre signed his first professional football contract. It was with the Atlanta Falcons, but Brett was coveted by Packers general manager Ron Wolf and the next season Wolf traded the Pack’s first round pick to acquire Favre. The rest is misery history. Brett went on to sign a major contract extension for 5 years and $19 million dollars. He later signed a 10 year "lifetime" contract for near $100 million. We all know how that chapter ended. Or didn’t end. May never end. The man must be an alien. But he certainly is a nemesis.

But this got me to thinking. The Bears have a long and storied history. Rival players have come and gone. Remember when Barry Sanders struck a chord of fear into the heart of every Bear fan? Until, of course, you realized he played for the Lions and then you breathed a sigh of relief. (Thank god that they never built a team around that man.) How about the days of the Purple People Eaters? What about Bart Starr? Reggie White? How about Chris Carter in his prime. God I really hated that man. My new favorite guy to hate? Jared Allen and his (let’s just call it "flamboyant" and leave it at that) goat cattle roping gesture after every play he is involved in followed by an inane glazed stare into the crowd that makes me want to jab my finger into my uvula.

So who is your favorite most hated Bears nemesis? Who gets you all riled up and ready to throw a random object at your TV every time they make a play? Who’s guts do you loath the most? Lets hear the stories and the reasons why....