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The Bears Den: July 19, 2010

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...wishing my baby sister a very happy 26th birthday today.

Brad Biggs continues his positional breakdown with a look at the TEs.

Biggs also looks at the new faces on offense and what their contributions might be.

And while we're at it, the new faces on defense.  Biggs triple play in effect.

Some really good insight from #23 on how he's been working with Issac Bruce.

Da Coach making his rounds through Rosary High School helping to raise money.

Top rushing performance of all time? You'd better believe it.

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To win the division you must win within the division.  Duh. 

An article questioning whether Unga will make the roster this year.

USA Today takes a look at the players to watch at training camp.

Doug Atkins, Julius Peppers, and the Saints.

For those of you who missed it, a really good article about Jim McMahon.

Video of Steve McMichael talking about his induction into the college football HOF.

Bonus Link: For you wine drinkers out there... make your friends jealous on game day: