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The Bears Den-Friday the 2nd of July, 2010 Edition


Wishing you a safe and healthy Independence Day weekend. If you're American. Otherwise, just have a safe weekend.

Ruskell likes what he saw on practice field - Of course he did. This team is stacked top to bottom like when I play Monopoly. (Actually, I end up mortgaging all my properties for one shot at victory. So I guess it really is just like how I play Monopoly.)

Don Coryell dies; big influence on Martz's offense - RIP Mr. Coryell. Thank you for the Air Coryell offense, and all the offshoots since. It made the game exciting, and your imprint will forever be on the league.

Lots of competition at wide receiver - There are lots of receivers. But which ones can catch the ball?

Camp Shaw Chicago Bears' linebacker returns to old C'ville gridiron - Tim Shaw is also a badass off the field.

Q&A with Abilene Christian University Alum and current Chicago Bears Receiver Johnny Knox - Get to know the man, the myth, the probowler, Mr. Johnny Knox.

Best Bears Team Ever: 1985 - I'm going to go ahead and file this one under the no $#!+ category.

WCG + Twitter = Super Happy Fun Time news: Coach says Favre back throwing to high schoolers in Mississippi - If I'm the Quarterback for this team, I'm pissed that Brett Favre comes in every summer and takes away my reps. news: Vick says he wasn't involved in shooting; cops don't rule out QB - I hope he wasn't involved, but it's hard to believe him when trouble follows him wherever he goes. news: NFL reveals four-game ban for White, eight-gamer for Thomas - The NFL continues to crack down on people. Unless judges in Minnesota won't let them.

Cutler vs. the Vikings (game 2) --Let's hope this become a twice-yearly occurrence.