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Chicago Bears Red Zone Performances: More Like Dead Zone

The Chicago Bears did not perform very well while in the Red Zone in 2009.  Jay Cutler, specifically, was bad.  Even though he threw a very respectable 19 touchdowns, he offset that with an NFL leading 6 interceptions while in the Red Zone.  Matt Forte did not fare much better.  He averaged 2.0 yards per carry on 52 attempts while inside the opponents' 20 yard line.  He managed just 3 touchdowns and also lost 1 fumble in the Red Zone.  That's just the offense...

UPDATED w more data 7/21 3pm.

Jay Cutler's Red Zone struggles are not limited to just interceptions:

  • Cutler was 38/76 (50% completion %) with 19 tds, 6 ints, with a passer rating of just 63.5.

Other notable quarterbacks' passer ratings in the Red Zone:

  • Brett Favre: 112.0
  • Kurt Warner: 109.8
  • Aaron Rodgers: 107.7
  • Matt Schaub: 103.1
  • Philip Rivers: 100.9
  • Peyton Manning: 100.8
  • Drew Brees:  100.4

That's some impressive quarterbacking.  It's no surprise that the combined record for those teams was 82-30 with all but Houston (who was 9-7) making the playoffs.  3 out of the NFL's final 4 are represented here along with both Super Bowl teams.  Anyone see a connection here????

As an offense, the Bears scored a touchdown 1.5 times per game from the Red Zone (ranking 19th), with a scoring TD % of 47.059% (ranking 27th). 

UPDATE:  The Bears entered the Red Zone 51 times in 2009.  They got 19 passing touchdowns, 5 rushing touchdowns (Cutler-1, Forte-3, Wolfe-1), 6 interceptions, and 1 fumble lost. 

Robbie Gould hit 9/9 field goals from 29 yards and in.  (Note: field goals of 28 or 29 yards might not count as Red Zone scores, FGs of longer could be counted as Red Zone scores because of penalties or lost yardage, exact # of RZ field goals is something I can't locate.)

The remaining RZ attempts could be blown by turnover on downs or end of half/game scenarios.

Jay Cutler and Mike Martz must do better on offense in the Red Zone.


Not to hammer the offense alone, the Bears' defense was even more inept in the Red Zone. 

The Bears allowed 2.3 Red Zone touchdowns per game in 2009 (ranked 30th, tied with mighty Detroit).  Link

The Bears allowed their opponents to score a TOUCHDOWN 66.071% of the time they entered the Red ZoneLink  That number is good for 31st in the NFL, with only the Giants worse. 

Everybody must do better on defense in the Red Zone.


Well, that was sobering and depressing.