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Lounging in the Den: Continuing Our Stay "Inside Rookie Minicamp" with the Chicago Bears

At this point, if you're not watching this series, I'm going to call you ridiculous. But not in the cool, fun way Joniak calls Hester.

Being the devoted fans of Windy City Gridiron that you are, I'm sure you all read our recap of parts 1 & 2 last week. If you want to get yourself refreshed, just head over here.

This series has been a fantastic insight into the life of the Chicago Bears rookies so far, and I'm sad to see it wrapping up so soon. That being said, let's get to Parts 3, 4, and 5 of "Inside Rookie Minicamp."

Click here for Part 3 

-Linestriping at Halas Hall would be a fun job.

-That's a lot of big dudes on a tiny bus.

-"Some people look for nicknames, right? Make up nicknames. Ours is the Monsters of the Midway. That's what we are. And that's what we're looking for."-Rod Marinelli

-"I don't wanna hear how good you are. I could care less what your mouth says. If you have a statement to make, put it on the field."

-"Did you know that everyone of those marks is one yard? And then each of these lines is five yards. I hope they taught you something in Florida." -Hoke to Major Wright

-Most rookies understand hard coaching, but still have a hard time adjusting to the speed and intensity of the pros, even in a non-pads practice.

-On that note, Wright seems like he might've had a hard time getting started, judging by the video and his comments.

-Wootton comes off as a very composed, intelligent player. I hope he does well.

Click here for Part 4:


-Somehow, someway, I need to get a job at Halas Hall. That place looks uh-may-zing.

-Coaches love rookie minicamp, it allows them to get excited about the possibilities of young fresh talent.

-Not shockingly, defensive end Wootton is getting a lot of praise from coaches in the film room.

-Posted on the wall in the DB room: "In order to have a winner, the team must have a feeling of unity, every player must put the team first - ahead of personal glory."

-Jon Hoke seems like a good coach: firm, fair, knows how to talk to the young guys. I'd like to see the somewhat patchwork secondary step up under his guidance this year.

-I wish Dave Toub was my cool uncle. You can tell he's really proud of the success his unit has had over the past few years.

-Dan LeFevour seems to have a good head on his shoulders. I'm not sold that I'd want the rookie backup, but I think if he beats out Hanie and the new guy whose name I don't currently remember, I could probably be ok with it.

-Martz seems to get a kick out of watching rookies struggle. He looks like he's having a good time. I'm thinking he might be able to scale back some of the ego for the betterment of the group. If they can get it clicking, it's going to be a magical season.

Click here for Part 5: 

-Mike Tice sorta looks like a bald version of Sam (Bruce Campbell's character) on Burn Notice.

-Tice's big project is Webb, and that's no surprise. He's big and raw, but Tice has the experience to build the great chance for J'Marcus to succeed going forward.

-Webb wears 24E shoes. That's insane.

-Marinelli likes the pursuit drill. It builds the team dynamic, and shows rookies the reason to commit fully at all times.

-Nothing so far suggests to me that Marinelli is anything but in control. We'll see what goes when the season starts.

-They expect Wootton to be big, you can tell. He's so prominently featured throughout this series.

-Tice and Marinelli are both big on the "go big or go home", "pain is weakness leaving the body" type of coaching. Hopefully this is something that makes people happy, as there are an awful lot of folks who feel that Smith-era practices are too soft.