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Which Chicago Bears RB will see the End Zone more in 2010?

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One is a young back, whose breakout freshman campaign was hampered by an injured sophomore season. The other is a slightly older, likely wiser, back who has most recently been backing up a potential legend in the making. 

Both talented players, which one will we see make the journey past the goalline most? Follow us to the netherworld that is beyond the jump.

The logical choice is Matt Forte. He's going to be the starting running back, after all. More touches surely means more End Zone, right?

But I think it's going to be Chester Taylor, and here's why. Taylor's skill set, I believe is going to launch him quickly into the go-to, where he'll be in in a lot of red zone situations. These red zone situations will increase his number of end zone views. 

They're very similar players, to be sure. If you extrapolate Taylor's numbers from the last few years out to a full season, they're not unlike the very numbers Forte put up. But I think Taylor is going to have that little something extra to prove, now that he's got a chance to get out from behind AP up in Minnesota.

So what say you, fans? Feel free to play around with the numbers in your reasoning.

Forte's numbers at

Taylor's numbers at

Let's make it a fun Independence Day weekend! Be safe!