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The Bears Den: The 7/30/10 "Training Camp is HERE!" Edition

The Lovie Smith Is Highly Optimistic/The Team Likes Him Zone--I'm not sure why people are so stunned that Lovie Smith would have high hopes. For starters, he's the head coach of the team, why wouldn't he think they'll do well? Secondly, It's not like he's brand new... he does this every year. And the comments of players make sense. No player in his right mind is going to come out in Training Camp and say, "Eff that guy."

I realize it was the last day before Camp actually started, so the only thing to talk about was Lovie's presser, but sometimes I would rather they write nothing at all. Sure, I'd have no Den to provide you, but I wouldn't have to trudge through all of these silly articles, either.


Smith expects Bears to rebound in 2010 - Lovie Smith thinks the Bears will be good. He knows a good team when he sees it. And he sees it.

Chicago Bears: Spare us the happy talk - David Haugh takes some time to rip Lovie for believing in his team.

Opening Lovie fest - Morrissey opens camp talking about it, too.

Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith is always full of optimism, often unwarranted - Melissa from ESPNChicago feels that Lovie should be much more pessimistic about his team

Spotlight will stay on Smith - *sigh*

Players mindful of Smith's future, Cutler said- The Players want to do well for Lovie.

Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith said his job security should not motivate team - According to Lovie, the players should not be worried about him.

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The Non-Lovie Den

The Bears at Bourbonnais - Photo gallery of Training Camp over at the Tribune. Some good pics!

Training camp preview: offensive line - ESPN Chicago looks at the Offensive Line.

Idonije mounts challenge for starting job - Izzy is going all out to get that starting end job.

The 10 Bears with the most to lose heading to camp - A look at the ten guys who could be out of a job if the season goes bad. I'll give you one chance to guess who's #1. (Hint - He's very optimistic)

Hester's ready for takeoff - Now scheduled for departure, The Windy City Flyer, who'll do some work on the field in Chicago before heading out.

Tommie Harris feels good section

Tommie, Lovie says DT is ready to practice everyday - He's ready to do it.

Tommie Harris: Says health woes are behind him - Unless they tell him to rest, cuz then he'll totally do it.