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No One Cares About the MLB Trade Deadline: A Special Saturday Bears Den/TC Open Thread

Bearbonnais--Friend of WCG, Chris Harris does his thing at the first practice of training camp. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Bearbonnais--Friend of WCG, Chris Harris does his thing at the first practice of training camp. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

By the beard of Zeus, football is back, and we couldn't be happier. 

It was a big day yesterday for all around, and today will bring us pads practice. Feel free to treat this as your Training Camp open thread for the day, and throw any cool updates you see into the comments below. 

Also, because I love and/or tolerate you all, a special Saturday Bears Den awaits you after the jump. Adam Schefter is in Bearbonnai today, so make sure to follow his twitter feed today as well as those we showed you yesterday

Harris excited to be back in Bourbonnais - And we're happy to have @ChrisHarrisNFL back. Follow his  business, it's good for your health.

Veteran Clark shines on first day of camp - I hope you like tight ends (hahaha), because there's a lot of talk about them today.

Tight Ends

Cutler: Olsen will have key role in Martz's offense - Cutler will throw to them a lot.

Tight ends play big part on first day of camp - They made a lot of plays on Friday.

2010 NFL Training Camps: Chicago Bears TEs Desmond Clark, Greg Olsen highlight training camp - See? ESPN will tell you about it too.

Day 1 belongs to 'invisible' TEs - Oh my god! The Bears have invisible tight ends? Why aren't they using that to their advantage more?

Jay Cutler

Dismal '09 season might spur Jay Cutler's growth - Being below average was a good learning opportunity for Cutler, and will hopefully provide the incentive for growth!

Julius Peppers

Video of Julius Peppers after practice - Inside the Bears - I like him.

Daily Herald | Bears' Peppers: I'm ready for the pressure - I like him because he's ready for the pressure.

2010 NFL Training Camps: Julius Peppers says Bears goal is to win Super Bowl - I like him because he wants to win a super bowl.


Tillman dealing with CB switch - Seems like he might have a bit of a chip on his shoulder about it. Hopefully it spawns great play inside him. (That sentence doesn't make much sense. Sorry)

Chicago Bears: Mark Anderson inspired to have big season in 2010 - Anderson is dedicating his season to Gaines Adams.

Anderson going back to fundamentals - So he's taking it back to the old school, because he's an old fool, who's so cool. Whoomp there it is.

The Bears' defense is trying to get back to what it's famous for - Bring back the Monsters of the Midway? I have a shovel. I can dig it.


Bears under microscope as camp opens - Much like every other team in the league. Thanks, Yahoo!!!

BEARS IN BRIEF: Old slogan fits 'em to a T: Bring back the Monsters - Oh there are tshirts? I want one.

Kid Rock struggles with Dick Butkus' name - I didn't like Kid Rock before. His shameless, incorrect pandering is not making me like him now, either.