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Belated Bears Den: July 5th 2010 Edition


The Bulls are stealing all the news, but the Bears roar in our hearts.

Behind-the-scenes series set to launch - I'm kind of excited for this. It looks like it could be interesting background info.

How much do you know about Bears? - Can you answer these super-random questions about the greatest team 

Chicago Bears: Corey Graham coming up fast - The picture accompanying this article looks like about 30 different levels of uncomfortable. Hopefully he's getting his feet back underneath him. 

Your Bears questions, your Bears Answers - I found two versions of this one. The other one had no formatting, so I very generously linked to the ones that won't make your eyeballs want to punch each other into submission.

Yeah, it's slow news time right now. But if you follow WCG on Twitter, you can get everything sent to you personally, without having to do any work. What could be better than that? Blogs " Blog Archive Childress sees familiar face during USO tour - This is cool--no other comments than "this is cool" will be accepted. news: McNair remembered on one-year anniversary of his death - It's crazy to think it's already been a year since this tragic news broke. news: Father: Chad Jones' health, not playing future on family's mind - Always nice to see a team taking care of people.

Report: Plaxico Burress applies for work release for second time - Cue the "We should get him" comments in 3...2...1..

Birds that talk are significantly creepier than those that don't: