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The Bears Den: Friday the 9th of July, 2010 Edition


The difference between the Bulls and Bears is that the Bears actually landed the top Free Agent.


Cutler quick to learn new Bears offense - Yay! He's doing his job!

Forte, Taylor give Bears a 1-2 punch - Yeah they do. Let's hope it's more Mike Tyson and less Glass Joe.

NFC North breakdown: Lions - Charles Woodson's surprise pick of  the North.

Tom Lewand and Damon Evans handled their DUI stops differently; Chris Zorich promises to make good - The first half of this makes me see both sides. People who need help deserve it. People who act like knobs make me angry. And then I just really hope that Zorich didn't know, but I trust he'll make it right.

Ex-Bears WR Engram signs with Browns - Chicago Breaking Sports For some reason, when I think of Bobby Engram, I think, "Shouldn't he be like 40" and then I remember he's only 37.

Follow WCG on Twitter - It's pretty much what I think saving a school bus full of kids would feel like.

Chris Harris inquires about Larry Fitzgerald's Minneapolis workouts - Yes Chris. Go learn their secrets. It will be amazing. news: Vikes WR Rice downplays injury rumors, says he's on the mend - I hope he gets healthy. I don't want there to be any excuses when the Bears take down the Vikings. Blogs  Westbrook giving every indication he plans to play - Captain Concussion is working out, droppinghints about where he'd like to play. news: Eagles front office still supports Vick, expects him to play - Of course they do. They traded their best QB to the Redskins.

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears: