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The Bears Den: August 11, 2010


...where we're glad to see folks healing up from injuries as we approach Saturday!

Rookie DE Wootton shares his thoughts in a weekly diary.

Is Major Wright starting to mold into a starter on defense?

Hester talks about the team's stance on him returning punts.

Bob Babich talks about his LBs, with Urlacher talking about Pisa.

Dez Clark gives his insights into his H-Back role.

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ESPN Chicago looks at DJ Moore, as well as the battle at NT.

Finally a story on OC Mike Martz that isn't run-of-the-mill.

A day at training camp with John "Moon" Mullin.

How many WCGers are in this video? 

Get to know a little bit about Bears PA announcer Jim Riebandt.

College football preseason power rankings.

Some dude doesn't know to wear a cap; allows girlfriend to get hit by foul ball.