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Chicago Bears Fashion Police

Tell me you saw this yesterday.  The Philadelphia Eagles security force apparently asked a fan to remove his Donovan McNabb replica Washington Redskin jersey.  I wonder if his presence at their training camp was a disturbance to the players, the coaches, or to his fellow spectators.  Rumor was Eagles head honcho Andy Reid himself was the one who instructed security to have him remove it.

This got me to thinking...

What player's jersey do you think the Chicago Bears should ban from Bourbonnais?

Looks like the Eagles have an actual policy regarding such this thing.  From

An Eagles spokesman said the team doesn't allow spectators invited to the sidelines to wear opposing teams' paraphernalia.

I can see the whole McNabb going to a rival thing being a sensitive issue for some Eagles and their fans.  But are there any former Bears that moved on in a similar fashion to McNabb?  I can't think of any recent successful Bears that were let go.  Maybe an old school Packer Jim McMahon or Packer Steve McMichael would cause some to cringe, but who else?

Now before we get a handful of "ban Favre's jersey" comments...  try and think outside the box.  Tell us what jersey the Bears should ban, or... if you think the whole Fashion Police idea is a soft Philadelphia thing, and us Chicago fans could care less about some stinkin' shirt...  tell us that too.