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5 Things to Detest During the NFL Season

Charlie_sheen_mediumAs we're so close to the season, there are many, many things that we're looking forward to. Seeing players out on the field, playing the game we love to see, in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans.

Football's back, but it's not always sunshine and roses. Let's take a look at five things that I'm not particularly looking forward to during the 2010 NFL Season. No particular order, I tend to hate all of them to varying levels at varying times.

And yes, that is a picture of Charlie Sheen. And yes, you'll figure out why when you go past the jump.

Wednesdays - Wednesdays are the most worthless day of the football season. Let's be honest, you can't breakdown the Monday night game, because you did that on Tuesday. The best you can maybe do is preview the Thursday night game.  It's too early to set the majority of your fantasy lineup, because there's still a lot of week left. Nothing good happens on Wednesdays, we should probably just take it out of the rotation completely.

FOX's B, C, D teams - Fox's Other teams are terrible. Kenny Albert, Daryl Johnston, Tony Siragusa, Thom Brennaman, Chris Meyers, Brian Billick, Charissa Thompson, Dick Stockton, Trent Green, Sam Rosen, Tim Ryan, Nischelle Turner, Ron Pitts, John Lynch, Matt Asgersian, Ross Tucker.

We've unfortunately become familiar with any variety of these announcers as the Bears have woefully underperformed, and they've never failed to disappoint with a lack off preparedness (Aroma-Show-Do. Was that so hard?) I just pray the Bears get off to a fast start, not only so that I can be happy as a fan, but so I can hopefully avoid as many of these as possible.

CBS Coverage - I don't inherently mind any real part of CBS' coverage of the NFL. I do, however, mind the fact that I am subjected to seeing eleventy billion commercials for Two and a Half Men.  NOTE TO CBS: THIS SHOW IS NOT FUNNY, AND I WANT TO WATCH IT EVEN LESS WHEN I SEE THE SAME TIRED "That one has sex too much", "That one is nerdy and has no sex", "Oh, the housekeeper said something wacky", "Oh, the teen boy says something more adult than he is" promos. NOT FUNNY. NOT FUNNY EVER.

Andy Reid's mustache - It creeps me out.

Favreage of the Favresota Favres as they Favre their Favres out on the Favreball Favre. - ‘Nuff Said here. The lord of the unholy shall wreak havoc amongst our delicate football sensibilities. 


What overblown and terrible things trip your trigger during the season? Sound off now! Now, I say!