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Is Kahlil Bell Destined To Be The Odd Man Out Of The Chicago Bears Running Backs?

Kahlil Bell, famously known for one excellent run last season, may have had a terrible misstep in his effort to make the final roster this year. Although it was only mentioned in passing in a few of the training camp reports it appears Bell has suffered a mild hamstring strain that kept him from working for the day. This seemingly innocuous injury may prove to be a death knell for Bell's chances as it's been noted on more than one occasion that the number three back is going to be chosen more on ST ability than as a primary runner, and Garrett Wolfe already has a lot of on the field experience in a ST role. That, combined with the lingering nature of many hamstring strains, means Bell possibly won't make the field for the first preseason game, and if so it's likely this will be the end of Bell's 72-yard run towards relevance.

Garrett Wolfe doesn't have a 72-yard run from scrimmage on his resume, and in fact most fans would be hard pressed to mention a single thing Wolfe has done on the offensive side of the ball to warrant sticking with the team. However, Wolfe has been an absolute monster on special teams since he realized it was the only way he was going to get on the field, and since that realization struck he's been one of the Bears most prolific ST guys right up there with Tim Shaw.

Wolfe has found his niche as a fantastic gunner, which by nature is one of the most thankless jobs on a usually thankless unit. You're the guy the other team is looking to remove from the equation in whatever way humanly possible to give their guy a chance to make a play and it's very much you against the world. However, that's what Wolfe has been used to all the way since Northern Illinois where he made his name. Starting off his freshman year as an amazing ninth on the depth chart he battled his way to not only becoming a star on his own team, but the nation by leading the NCAA in yards from scrimmage in 2006.

The last nail in Kahlil's proverbial coffin is the unique abilities that Wolfe brings to the table. Wolfe could be an example of the undersized, extremely quick, scat back role due to his acceptable hands, amazing quickness, above average balance, and all-around grit. His skill set and build are night and day different than the two-headed monster the Chicago Bears have in Matt Forte and Chester Taylor, and if you're looking for a guy to be a primarily special teams player and occasional change of pace it more fits this kind of stark difference than a player with only marginal differences.

The deck is stacked against Kahlil Bell, and it's a shame because if it wasn't for the glut of young talent at both TE and WR and Wolfe's prolific out of nowhere ST ability he likely would have found time to develop into at least a solid back up in the league. My brain and my gut is saying Garrett Wolfe is making the squad, and when the two are in agreement I'd be crazy to say otherwise.

Perhaps one of you has a different opinion? Let us know in the comments below.