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Preseason Game 1 Open Thread: Bears @ Chargers

Chicago Bears Golf Equipment


Qualcomm Stadium
8pm CT FOX
Sirius Channel: 91 Opp: Bolts From the Blue

I found this quote from a Game Thread last year, and thought it would be interesting to post it again here:

Entering the final stretch of the 2009 season, a loud cry can be heard from the masses demanding the termination of head coach Lovie Smith's tenure with the Bears; when GM Jerry Angelo hired Lovie Smith, Angelo said "I'm never going to do this again [and] the next autopsy will be mine."

Now, it's 2010, and we have to assume that our GM, Head Coach, and possibly even President are in a "must win" situation to keep there jobs next season. Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, tonight will be a good litmus test of how well our OL is jelling, what the chemistry of our QB and WRs are, and what our defense will look like with new faces and completely healthy folks.