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Preseason 1: Bears at Chargers Quick Recap

Well, at least that's over with.

Not a great game by any standards. We'll have a more formal notes, scribbles, and jot-downs in the morning, but for some quick items about tonight's glorified practice against the Chargers, look here.

Quick Stats:

Jay Cutler 2/2, 47 Yards, 118.8 rating
Hanie 10/17, 148 yards, 1TD, 1 INT

Chicago Bears Running Backs: 17 carries, 32 yards, 1.9 YPC.  (Abysmal)


Johnny Knox 2 REC, 47 yards
Devin Aromashodu 4 REC, 78 yards, TD

Guy who showed he should probably be here: Major Wright.

# of Special Teamers that Dave Toub will murder in the meeting: most of them.

Notable Injuries (generally not severe): Knox, Hanie, Hillenmeyer, Wright

I will see all of you wonderful people in the morning. Have a good night and remember--it's one game that doesn't matter. We saw some flashes of good, and that's what they'll be building on for the next few weeks.