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WCG: The Chicago Bears Finest Game Thread

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First of all,  I didn’t actually get to see any of the game.  I had an out of state family function and no wi-fi.  This meant I also missed the game thread so I went back and watched the NFL replay on Sunday night and tried to put the comments into context.  

You guys are hilarious.  Kev, you comment entirely too much and Allie was noticeably absent but for this week's rant I thought I’d give you my comments on the game and then give you a few of my favorites from you people taken right off the game thread(s). Join me after the jump for my highlights from your comments.


I know it is only the first preseason game, so this should be taken with a grain of salt.  Secondly I know we didn’t game plan nor did we leave our starters in for very long. That said... Bowman looked shaky.  Nevermind what happened with Harris on one play, Bowman looked shaky. 

Our running game looked really, really bad.  No push, no holes, no burst, no nothing.  Martz?? Jay Cutler said all the right things.  Body language included. The O-line is still very neutral.  OK on pass blocks, not so good on run blocks but Kreutz was pulled early so.... 

Knox looks like the real deal. First team defense looked solid except for Briggs who didn’t wrap up when SD was backed up at the goal line. Surprisingly, special teams did little to establish themselves.  I thought Hanie made really good decisions but at times his mechanics (overthrowing) were questionable.  At least you can coach mechanics. 

Major Wright showed flashes but given the injuries our secondary is STILL a HUGE question mark.  Calling him the "real deal" after one PRESEASON game?  To quote Ochocinco during his 2009 game against the Bears... "Child please?"  Pass rush?  If anyone saw one all night please let me know. 

Lovie should never, ever be allowed to challenge a play again.  EVER.  Even though I understand why he did it and even though it didn’t matter, he had the benefit of every possible replay and time to consider every possible action on said play and he STILL THREW THE FLAG!  Does the man want to be viewed as an idiot when it comes to coaches' challenges?  I think so.  For those of you who wish to blame his staff watching on the screen, he’s still at the game watching it live and he still has the benefit of speaking to the players involved.  TAKE THE RED FLAG AWAY FROM LOVIE!  Forever and ever. Amen.  Now for some of your comments;  (enjoy! I know I did...)

I'm excited for Game Thread rules.
I like swearing at WCG. -Kev H

Cutler... Gets time...

Sam Rosen, what are these alien concepts of "Getting time" that you speak of?! They… it’s beautiful..    -SJS_illini

Cool, Cutler sacked.

I have seen more blocking from my grandmother.  -Kev H

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My grandma

is actually the starting right guard for the Toronto Argonauts.  -Kev H

This link

moves like retarded zombies fornicate (edited).  -Cosmis

so its not too early to be disappoited in forte  -pierzynskirules 

So on the kickoff

Robbie Gould not only has to kick it, but apparently put them out of bounds, too.

-Kev H


At least I know I can count on Rivers in my FF league. Ugh!  -Acreman20

Guess the starters won't play too long

What happened on the previous drive



Izzy had 24 TDs called back due to penalties.  -Dane Noble

Did he just do a bowling celebration?  -David Taylor

Mannelly's hurt.

This is the worst preseason ever.  -Cosmis

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Hyperbole Warning  -Cosmis  


Ditkavsworld is at home in the fetal position  -David Taylor

Mark Anderson

while still not a great pass rusher…nobody is better at pointing out a false start  -Juicebox

Hey! Hanie to Davis!

If I ever have to hear that during the regular season I’m probably going to stop watching.  -Kev H

Hanie to Aromashodu

God, my spell check hates both their names.  -Kev H

I was hanging out with Sarah Connor in a bank vault one day and next thing you know, I’ve missed a few years.  -Spongie


I’m here. I’m sure you’ve missed me. Haha. Listening to the game with GG. :] We started thinking of dogs’ names related to Da Bears. Top 4 = Brian Furlacher, Dick Barkkis, Garrett Woof, Dez Bark. :P  -HoneyBear  (who else?)


WAAAAY too many 300 related comments

Did you get my text?  -Dane Noble

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I did.

I responded, but apparently saved it to my drafts. The answer to your question is "No, I will not make out with you."  -Kev H

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Of course your's and David's bond cannot be broken.  -Dane Noble

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I just don't like you in that way.

I’m sorry, baby.  -Kev H

Is the game thread an appropriate place for this??

Lovie Smith Challenge Master
Will Lovie win one this season? Past evidence says no………  -Bears-Cubs Bulls

And, you bring up another interesting point.....

It sure looked to me like the SD defense was better coached than the CHI defense. hmmmmmm…….

Not that I ever expect Smith to admit that mistake……  -T-Train