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A Running Back Controversy in Chicago? Already?

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Well it hasn't taken long. A hot topic of conversation, both on these boards and afar, is who exactly the starting Running Back for the Chicago Bears should be.

And we've only had one preseason game. Go figure.

At any rate, I thought it'd be a great Monday afternoon discussion, and gauge how the members of our beloved community are feeling after getting the first taste of "real" Chicago Bears football action since January. After the jump, let's look at some quick facts about the performance of the two on Saturday, and make sure to have your voice heard in the poll and the comments.

Let me preface these comments, real quick, by saying that the run blocking was atrocious, and neither of them really stood much chance at all.

Matt Forte - didn't have much going in the run game (4 carries, 7 yards), and was intermittent, at best, in his pass blocking. He had one really good play where he sealed off the blitz and spun him around, creating the pocket for Cutler to step up and do his thing.

Then, a couple plays later, he whiffed hard on a safety blitz, got shook off like a bug, and gave up the sack. He had no receptions out of the backfield.

Chester Taylor - Taylor didn't have any super egregious errors in terms of blocking, but didn't fare much better in terms of running (6 attempts, 10 yards) He did, however, have one reception for fourteen yards.

I really have to stress, both to this community and abroad, that I believe it's Forte's job until he truly loses it. This is a discussion that we'll revisit, most likely, after preseason week 3, and then during the season if necessary.