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The Bears Den: August 18, 2010


...where we're promoting a member to writer today... any guesses as to who it is?

The team's official page catches us up on random things.

Rookie DE Corey Wootton's most recent diary entry.

Brad Biggs breaks down the recent QB situation in Chicago.

Biggs also has an update from yesterday's practice.

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Sean Jensen says that RB Forte has got his sexy back.

Bob LeGere talks about the possible battle for a RB roster spot.

Nice writeup on RB Garrett Wolfe courtesty of the Review Atlas.

Neil Hayes gives his perspectives from last night's practice.

Former Bears RB Adrian Peterson released form Seahawks.

Video: Figure-8 school bus racing.

6'11", 380 lbs. 

Bonus Link: Think David Haugh got a bit nervous here?  Don't piss Olin off.