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The Bears Den: August 19, 2010 (Welcome NiqueBears Edition)


...where HoneyBear needs to watch No Country for Old Men.

As we mentioned yesterday, we are bringing on another writer to WCG.  We are already the biggest and best independent  Chicago Bears website on the internet, but we realize the need to add value whenever possible.

Since joining WCG a little over a year ago, NiqueBears has contributed over 40 well-written FanPosts, and his most recent string of match-up posts have been very well-received by the WCG community.  That's why we have reached out to Nique and offered him a spot as a full time writer, and lucky for us, he accepted.  His first post will debut this evening! 

Now, how about some Den links...

Jerry Angelo and his weekly Q/A with Larry Mayer on the team's official site.

Frank Omiyale is fitting in nicely at right tackle.

WR coach Drake ain't gonna be tricked into sayin' nothin' he don't mean.

For those who like to say Cutler isn't a leader: link.

John "Moon" Mullin provides updates from last night's practice.

Martz admits blitzing was reason Cutler was pulled in San Diego.