53-man Roster is not simple, fans of 6 WRs.

I think it's going to be a VERY tough 53-man roster for the Bears in 2010.  Take a look at this "mock" (I use that loosely) depth chart I have put together:


Thisdoesn't reflect names...

2 QBs
4 RBs
0 FBs
6 WRs
4 TEs
9 OLs
9 DL
7 LBs
6 DBs
5 Safties
1 K
1 P


Notice something about that?


That's right-- it's 54.


I think the interesting areas of the roster are the DL (cut one?), DBs (not enough?), and-- yes-- WRs (too many?).


Where do you see the cut given all the statements, practices, and player's franchise status (i.e.-- drafted, recent FA, contract, etc.)?

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