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The Bears Den: August 20th 2010 Edition


Where we've got more Bears goodness for you than a Teddy Ruxpin convention.

Hello all, busy day here today, bringing some history, some previews, and some other goodies your way. Stay tuned all day, nay, all weekend to talk Bears gameplanned football.

Bears to break camp after three weeks - And now the super-secret practices where they actually install packages and gameplans start. You know, the interesting ones that you would really want to watch.

Bears expect Melton to blossom this year - My money is that he turns into a tulip. Others think he's a rose. All kidding aside, they expect big things from him, and if he grows into that, it's only going to help the other guys on that line.

Chicago Bears: Chicago Bears wrap up training camp with some answers, some lingering questions - A nice article by Mr. Biggs, covering the known and unknown coming out of camp.

Lovie on new QB Gutierrez: He needs reps - If we all chip in to buy Lovie Smith a shirt that says, "Hi, I'm Captain Obvious", it shouldn't cost more than a few pennies for each of us.

Follow WCG on Twitter. Ben Franklin did, with nothing more than a kite and a key.
Cutler Watch: QB completes 68 percent of camp passes - Biggs is killing it today. Here's a breakdown of Cutler's passing tendencies during camp.

He's back in the picture - Urlacher's back, and he's not to be taken lightly. Sean Jensen talks to the man.

Toub's special circumstances - Mike Mulligan takes a look at how the new emphasis on offense and defense might affect the most consistent unit for the Bears.

The Bears' safety situation is cause for concern - Nothing against either of them, but I swear that Melissa Isaacson looks exactly like my 8th grade math teacher. Other than that, she's very right--safety could still be a problem.

Notebook: Decisions loom for Marinelli - Someone's gotta make some tough choices. If he wants, he can call me, and I can make the decisions for him.

Pompei: Like Bears, Giants plumbing for QBs - It's good to know that other teams have problems.

You stay classy, Antonio Cromartie: