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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Vikings at Niners

As the halfway point of the preseason is just about wrapped up, Bears fans seem to be a bit unsettled at their team's first two performances of the new season.  Many people will argue that we still have kinks to work out, but WCG member mike b has this to say:

"Every year they same legitimate cliches get pranced out as to why the Bears don’t look good or don’t play well or don’t start hot. Some part of the system is new, the line hasn’t gelled yet, this coach is still learning his players, this guy is in a new position etc. A lot of them have been excuses covering poor player talent and coaching. This year they’re probably the most legit that they’ve ever been, but at the same time its been nothing but excuses for the last 4 years. The defense last night looked a lot like the defense last year, and the year before, along with the oline and running game. Remember when everything finally came together last year? Yeah me neither. So, I’m done taking solace in "it’s early" or "just the preseason" until something actually changes."

We've got two more weeks of practice games to get it together, then the real tests begin. 

Tonight, it's Sunday Night Football with recently recommitted Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings head out to the west coast to battle Mike Singletary's San Francisco 49ers.  The game will be televised on NBC at 7pm CT. 

Go Niners!