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The Chicago Bears Played a Game on Saturday! My Take and the Best of Your Takes From the In-Game Thread!

Yes, it is preseason, and yes, the starters were only in for one half. However, the Raiders looked so dominant in the first half, it is hard not to get excited. The Chicago Bears are a good team with a pro bowl caliber quarterback. For the Raiders to travel to Chicago and play the way they did, and to do it without some of their best players is a very good sign, regardless of the fact that it is a meaningless game.

That quote was from a story I found online this morning.  You can read the whole story here.  It pretty much sums up my feelings concerning this year's exhibition season for our Chicago Bears.  But, as usual, you guys were on your collective game on Saturday night.  Great stuff!  So join me for my take on the game and highlights from your in game comments taken off of Saturday night's thread....

Not tons to take from the game on Saturday, other than the Bears performance continues to raise more questions than it answers - mainly the performance on our questionable offensive line.  Jay Cutler may want some additional life insurance.  Our running game appeared to look quite a bit better until you pause to consider that Richard Seymour didn't play in the game at all.  Oh, and we still gave up 5 sacks.  Jay Cutler looked crisp when he had time to pass but then again, the Raiders played without Namdi Asamougha.  So basically our offense looked shaky to slightly above shaky against a Raiders team missing their two best defensive players.  Our defense showed flashes.  I think we finally saw some pass rushing!  But Brian got dinged and I don't recall seeing Tommie Harris on the field, the secondary was less than stellar, and we gave up far too many HUGE third and long conversions.  And we were at home.  This could be a potentially long season.  But enough of my crap!  Let's look at yours....

For the First and Last Time this Season

 ZachZaidman: The playing surface at Soldier Field is in outstanding shape today"  -Galloping Ghost


This is off topic

But just so you know, I’m here, and Guns ‘N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction is still one of the best albums of all time. Anyone who disagrees can get their face punchersized for free.  -Kev H

Some Dramatic foreshadowing with;

Dez Clark is the long snapper for tonight's game  -David Taylor

Followed by

Wouldn't it be crazy

if he turned out to be just as good as Pat Mannelly? Hahahaha, just kidding, that can’t ever happen.  -Kev H

Way to jinx it, Kevin, way to jinx it!

Did you see Tommie get that push...

of course he jumped and his guy was still in his stance, but progress right?  -David Taylor

I can feel the hatred

The force is not strong with Lovie  -MetalGearPeaceWalker

I'm liking these new wrinkles the defense has put in. 

I, as an offense, would never have expected them to so easily let the ball be moved.  -Kev H


Oakland? Seriously?  -Acreman20

This defense gets worse and worse every minute

Ron Rivera is laughing his ass off somewhere on the west coast watching this defense stink up the field.  -Bears-Cubs Bulls

The Raiders?

The mother ******* RAIDERS!!!!  -JoeCB1991

Followed by


game thread rules do technically apply here.  -Kev H

The man does like his swearing.

wow. that was pretty bad.

our secondary is toast.  -MPG

Followed by

wow. that was pretty bad.

our oline is toast.  -Shawndgoldman

85 Bears were 1-3 in preseason

keep repeating that to yourself  -Rocko1


Logan Mankins? Aw hell…I might as well dream of Rocky Wurtz buying the Bears   -PeaceGearMetalWalker

im going to just drink myself stupid this entire season...

So I have no memories of the games.  -Ryan21

Swiss cheese, ladies and gentlemen. Swiss cheese.  -Sir Buckets


Isnt this what a superbowl team looks like? No……..hmmm  -Bears-Cubs Bulls

Followed by


He is sleeping with his eyes open.  --JoeCB1991

Hester is suppose

to return punts tonight….If the defense can get any stops that is…..  -CloudyFuture

Challenge it Lovie

Knox caught that stuff (edit)  -David Taylor

Shoot (edited)

Apparently the AFC West should be on the lookout for the devastating passing attack of Jason Campbell.  -Kev H


Is that the one run where we are going to say, "well without that one xx yard run, he’d still only be averaging x amount of yards this pre-season."  -David Taylor

David may well have the best point of the evening

I'm surprised Wolfe could reach his shoulder pads.  -David Taylor

Then there's the following exchange in block quotes:

Campbell crossed the LOS, no?  -David Taylor


I don't remember

it happened so long ago.  -Kev H


why?  -David Taylor


Because I live in a good state

Where they show it on tv. -Kev H



I meant, why do you have to torture me?  -David Taylor


That's how I get my jollies. - Kev

And after some debate (again) about Hester being a return man only we have:

Hey a great play by Devin Hester

Good thing he was on the field as a Receiver.  -Kev H

How's everybody look?

Quick recap please…just tuning in!  -propheteer


I look stunning,

if I say so myself.  -David Taylor

Robbie Gould

tosses a good ball off his back foot, though. When throwing it away, I mean.  -Spongie

Best Exchange of the night


I missed a lot, fill me in please  -DaHamsta


Garrett Wolfe has been amazing.

One 96 yard TD run, and another 45 yard run. He’s beasting.  -David Taylor


Izzy's a one-man wrecking crew and Wolfe borrowed Forte's jersey for an 89-yd TD run  -Spongie

WoW  -Chitownproduct

Followed by

World of Warcraft?  -Cloudyfuture

At this rate, Cutler would finish the year with 160 sacks.. -DisCUBbobulated

Is Dave Toub gonna have to choke a b*tch?  -Acreman20

This gem

OK so now we can cut Mannely right?  -Shawndgoldman


Short of taking a dump on Lovies desk

Mannelly’s job is safe, but I get your humor. -Bears-Cubs Bulls


Lovie would find a way to spin that too

"Well, you know our guys are under a lot of pressure and sometimes their bowels get the better of them, but all in all i like what i see in this football team"  -Chitownproduct



"We were excited to see what Pat could do."  -Spongie


Mannelly's feces

Are worth 6 figures  -DaHamsta

Did that announcer say the

kicker’s name is Swayze Waters? He should round house kick field goals.  -HasClothesLikeaD*ckhead

When I said.........

I wanted to see some consistency, I didn’t mean consistently bad…………-T-Train

That's the best of 'em as I see it for this week.  Tune in, and more importantly comment on next week's game thread!