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The Bears Den: August 23, 2010

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...where we think that 4 HCs and plenty of Pro Bowl talent should equal wins.

The team's official page reviews preseason game #2

Pat Mannelly's awesomeness should not be taken for granted.

A quick review of the injuries; Urlacher says he'll be fine.

An irritated Olin Kreutz give a post game interview about the OL.

David Haugh says something on the defense looks broken.

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Apparently, the safeties had a rough Saturday night as well.

Dan Pompei takes a closer look at the roster situation.

View From the Moon: Insights from John Mullin

USA Today's most current Team Report.  Good stuff.

A review of the NFC North's Preaseason Week 2.

Defense must improve on 3rd and long... just like last year?

A potential lockout could earn Lovie Smith an extra year.

Rick Telander says Urlacher is getting old.