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The Bears Den: August 24th, 2010 Edition

...where the preseason is unfortunately always the real deal.

Bennett eager to return from injury - I feel bad for the guy. I'd hate for him to find the mythical Smith doghouse because he's been injured all preseason.

Hanie's only focus is rehabbing shoulder - Which it should be. What's he supposed to do, go all Tonya Harding on Todd Collins' knee or something?

Bears' offensive line has plenty of work to do - Very rarely do words ring as true as they do in this headline.

Bears don't need opponents peppering tackle Chris Williams - Pompei talks about the play/practice of Williams. Read it.

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Hanie, Collins to battle for Bears' backup QB job - They should take this battle into the octagon. But not until after going through Jay Glazer's MMA Training for Footballers.

'No excuse' for ongoing problems on 3rd down - 3rd down is going to be a thing this year, probably. If the defense can fix these things up now, perhaps we won't spend our Mondays saying, "if only, if only."

Harris showing Bears how it's done - Showing up and practicing. Good on you, sir.

Confident QB Collins sure he can master Martz's system - I hope he does. Still don't want to see him on the field.

Bears see no need for preseason panic - Generally speaking, I haven't seen them feel a need to panic in a long time. The whole getting Todd Collins thing comes closest in my book.

Injured Bennett keeps his head in playbook - ESPN is kind enough to chip in and basically say everything that we knew from the story.

Kreutz realistic about line's need to improve - Perhaps he should just threaten to break all their jaws. It worked another time.

Teammates not concerned about Urlacher - He'll be fine, they say. I hope he will be. He's sorely needed.